Our new capsule collection

Let our mantras mesmerized you …

Atelier Paulin is known for its originals and entirely personalized creations. Our bracelets originally designed to accommodate up to 10 letters surpass themselves to offer a grandiose version of our creations. Atelier Paulin declines its inimitable and original know-how through a capsule collection full of strength and energy.

All the happiness in the world…  

Benevolent, calming, inspiring ... After the words and the names, let our mantras seduce you! Borrowed from Hindu culture, they are sounds, words or formulas that we repeat to break free from the evils that affect us. It was therefore obvious to Atelier Paulin and our craftsmen to take their inspirations from them and to share it with you.

"All the happiness in the world is on the unexpected" Jean D'Ormesson

We invite you to discover this capsule collection with the first mantra "Tout le bonheur du monde" available until May 15th. 

Our craftsman Maïna made 70 pieces of our mantra "Tout le bonheur du monde". She has selected a thiner goldfilled 14k thread, for a smooth and delicate writing. Available on limited edition, discover "The mantras" on our e-shop or directly to our workshop in Paris.  

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