Craftman of the month : Adèle

Good morning Adele, can you introduce yourself in a few words?

Hello, my name is Adele, I’m 25-year-old and a year ago I joined Atelier Paulin as a qualification of a Jeweler craftsmen.


If you had to describe yourself by a quality and an weakness, which ones would they be?

I would say creative and perfectionist.

According to me, both go hand in hand because in this sector we have to be creative and skilled to be able to produce a jewel but we must also be very demanding towards ourselves to produce something qualitative. 


How did the desire to create jewels come to you?

When I was 17, I accompanied my mother who was going to the workshop of a jeweler. She had to collect a jewel that she had drawn and that he had produced. When I entered into this incredible place, I immediately knew! The workbench, the tools, and all those little scattered gems get my eyes sparkled. Until this moment, I had never thought that making jewelry could be a job, but from that moment it seemed obvious to me ...


Why the jewel?

Because the jewel goes through time and cultures. It's not a simply an object, it is intimate and personal. We all have a jewel that belong to our mother, our grandmother or the person we love, it is a sentimental object but also an historical and religious one. And above all of that, the jewel is an art object that highlight noble materials. The jewel is beautiful and majestic.


What do you feel when you make a jewel?

I feel fulfilled. It is extremely satisfying to be able to materialize an emotion, a universe, an idea, to be able to hold it in our hands and to see it shine.

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How do you maintain your passion of jewelery?

Personally, my passion does not stop at the jewelery but extends itself to art in general. The jewel is only the way to express my creation.

But I think that to maintain this passion you have to be curious. Inspiration is everywhere around us, it is necessary to constantly nourish one's mind and to be interested in the novelties of the know-how or the products.


According to you, what is the first quality of a craftsman?

The first quality of a craftsman is undoubtedly the know-how.


What is the most important thing to consider for a perfect result?

To have a perfect result, the most important things to consider are harmony and balance.


You often work directly with our clients; What do you like the most?

I have followed a training of art and techniques of jewelry for four years alternately, I worked in a workshop. I was alone, in front of my workbench, helmet on the head. I loved it, there is no doubt. However, I am a very sociable person who likes human contact. That's what Atelier Paulin brings to me and it's so nice to meet the person who will wear or offer the jewel you made. And what's even more enjoyable is seeing a customer's satisfied smile thanks to your work. It's simply rewarding.


What were your motivations to join the Atelier Paulin team?

I immediately hooked with the team and they trusted me instantly. After a month at Le Bon Marché, I had the chance to go to Selfridges in London to create the jewels. It was the trust and the human side of the team that convinced me that I was in the right place. It may seem simplistic but it is quite rare such freedom and for me it was very important.


What do you like most about Atelier Paulin?

The contact with the customers, the human side of the team and the freshness of the brand!

I have worked in other jewelry shops and I can clearly see the differences. The workshops have a very archaic side that does not suit me at all. According to me, Atelier Paulin is revolutionizing the approach of a classical jewelry workshop. Atelier Paulin simply lives with its time.


How is Atelier Paulin different from other brands?

Atelier Paulin is the only brand that have thought of putting its craftsmen on its points of sale. This changes everything, the customer sees the face of the person who realizes his jewel and can even attend its realization ... What else would you expect?


What do you think makes Atelier Paulin’s jewelry unique?

First of all, what makes our jewelry unique is that the jewel is customizable. Second of all, that it is created from A to Z by one and only one craftsman directly on the point of sale in approximatively twenty minutes, I have never seen that elsewhere.


A name, a word, a story ... Anecdotes?

A word makes sense based on its history and/or on the person wearing it. I had a bit of trouble with a word from the collection: "snob". But actually, I totally changed my mind when I made a customer try this earcuff. When I saw it on her, I thought it was so cool.


A unique story?

One day a lady came to me at my workshop and she asked me to fix one of her old-fashioned rings. It was not an Atelier Paulin product but I knew that I could fix it in a minute so I obviously agreed to do it for free. This lady was so happy with this little action that she insists to buy something. And that's how her niece received a silk cord bracelet that I had created.


Describe Atelier Paulin with only one word?



And you, what word would you choose to put on our jewels?

I already have my own jewel. I didn’t want to write my name on it, so I wrote "miam" (yummy) because I'm very gourmand


Tell us about your experience in Bangkok ...

I left France for 3 months to join Bangkok and a concept store (Another Story) for Atelier Paulin.

The whole Another Story team welcomed me with open arms and I spent 3 wonderful months with them. I love traveling, and working in a country is really the best way to integrate. This is for me the best experience of my life and I will return soon to import Atelier Paulin in South Asia. So, I have only one thing to say: Thank you Atelier Paulin! 


The best memory that you have with Atelier Paulin ?

My 3 months in Bangkok ... By doing this job, I’ve never imagined being able to travel in a professional setting, but with Atelier Paulin everything is possible.

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