Life is beautiful

Meet Corinne, our craftsman who offers us this month the most positive mantra ever : Life is beautiful! This Limited Edition was made in 70 pieces only. This Creole is an ode to love and happiness, just as Corinne!

  • Tell us about your story so far ...

For 20 years, I have been working as a stained glassmaker. I specialized 17 years ago in traditional glass painting, using techniques used since the Middle Ages and which have evolved with time and history of stained glass. I adapt my pictorial research to modern works, associating the work of fusing and sanding.

  • From stained glass to jewelery, what is the common point?

I have always realized -parallel to my job as a glassmaker-, resin jewelry. I acquired, thanks to Atelier Paulin, another know-how by working on other precious materials. Realizing a jewel with a single wire was something new for me and seeing the future collections (sorry, it’s a secret ;)) I know that I will still complete my expertise!

  • What qualities should a craftsman possess?

Creativity, Dexterity, Requirement, Skill, Introspection, Accuracy, Lightness, Perfectionism, Rigor, Know-how, Technicality, Uniqueness, Valuation

  • Tell us about Atelier Paulin ...

Atelier Paulin is a very dynamic company carried by two killers in communication, Anne-Sophie the designer and Matthias. They knew how to preserve the importance of the craft while adapting it to our time. In this city where everything is going too fast, people take the time to sit with us and watch us fashion their personalized jewelry. Eyes amazed, they leave happy. Atelier Paulin does not stop at the crafts. Their creations, constantly renewed with the help of Pauline our workshop manager, also places them in the status of artists. The only difference between the craftsman and the artist is that the craftsman reproduces, the artist creates and when the artist is also a craftsman, he is filled.

  • An anecdote?

I work at Bon Marché and I have the opportunity to realize to the same family, several jewels spread over time. Whenever they came, I was the craftsman assigned to Bon Marché. I was able to make a real connection with them and I am now their official craftsman.

  • The final word? Bouh

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