A craftsman, a know-how, an emotion ...

Atelier Paulin jewelry is created using a disappearing ancestral technique: the art of hand shaping a precious metal wire into beautiful creations. We reinterpreted this technique, and put into it all our expertise, experiences, wishes and emotions… This unique skill is now ours and our trained artisans’, who aim to carry on this wonderful art and share it with our clients in Paris, in France and all over the world.

Transmission is the essence of our brand.

Atelier Paulin or the art of reinventing oneself

Atelier Paulin innovates and creates its own precious metal wire. Three wires of sterling silver 925 wire creates this new twisted wire. Each thread receives a mallet finish that gives it strength and a unique comfort from the artisan who shapes the wires 

The name, a sweet sound that defines us ..

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