Craftwoman of the month : Pauline aka "Paulinette"


Meet Pauline, aka "Paulinette", production assistant and Shop Manager at Atelier Paulin.

Tell us your story in a few lines …

Since my childhood, I have always been immersed in the artistic world. Drawing, painting, sculpture, DIY with pieces of paper ... I am very curious, which oriented me to the craft of creation.

After my College degree, I joined a school of Design, where my specialization was focused on Luxury. Many of my projects revolved around the jewel, but none was really concrete. I wanted to understand how a jewel was made, from A to Z.

I had to do an internship, and I went to knock on the door of Atelier Paulin. The funny thing is that my first contact was with Pauline, the workshop manager, who later became my mentor (and my infernal partner)! We had such a big crush together! Today I am fully employed at Atelier Paulin.

Being part of Atelier Paulin is an adventure, it became a family.


How did you come to the jewel more particulary?

The jewel ... because ... "diamonds are the girl best friend"! I grew up in a matriarchal family, where women used to wear jewelry. When I was younger, with my child's eyes, these glittering jewels made them look like princesses. I had moments of accomplices, with my mother and my grandmother, where they went out and showed me their hidden treasures. All the pieces had an anecdote: "offered on this occasion, by this or that person ...".

The aim of a jewel is to provoke an emotion, to recall a memory, a person. The craftsman who shaped it, the time it took to imagine, create. These are the stones (link to the emotional stone) which are embedded or slip into the metal, their symbolism, their color. And I wanted to tell stories too.

According to you, what is the highest quality it takes to be a craftsman?

It does not take one!

Patience and perseverance because learning is long. The sense of perfection, because each jewel carries a message and is important to its owner. But maybe one of the most important is smiling :)

According you, how does Atelier Paulin is outstanding ?

Atelier Paulin place the craftsman front row, which does not exist in the world of jewelry. We know if it's Chloe, Corinne or Sarah who made a jewel. An anecdote: In Monaco, a client told me "Hey, I recognize you, you are Paulinette, I saw you on Instagram! ".

There is also the richness and variety of products, because after all, the possibilities are endless. It's also collaborations, challenges, a certain reactivity, trunk shows, surprises, and above all, as I said earlier, this incredible team.

Tell us a beautiful memory ...

I am now traveling around the world for Atelier Paulin. I have lots of nice memories... I invite you to come see me, I will tell you about it.

What word would you like to wear?

What I wear besides: AMOUR (Love). For me it's the most beautiful word, it summarizes everything ...!


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