Craftswoman of the month

Meet the sparkling Bubiana Guillaume, one of our 15 artisans !

Why  jewelry??

B: Child, I was curious about everything and dexterous. I was sewing but I did not have the patience. I wanted to see the result right away. Become a jewelry artisan, it's a happy accident! I'm self-taught! I made jewelry for myself and and i wanted that become my profession. Today I am freelance. I work for several Parisian designers, including Atelier Paulin.

What do you feel when you make a jewelry?

B: I feel calm, I emptied, and concentrated ... I do not think of anything. I like the idea of ​​making a pieces that will go through time, which is going to be loved, and it means something for the person  who wear it ...

What we write is chosen by the person who orders the jewelry and this makes a sense to them, reminds them of memories or emotions. I therefore put all my heart to the work to express them at best.

What is the first quality of a craftswoman?

B: I'll say passion! When you are passionate, you do things well and you will always try to improve. When I make a jewelry I always tell myself that like I do it for myself. I want it to be perfect.

How Atelier Paulin stands apart from others?

B: The dynamism! People would think that Atelier Paulin remain in a certain redundancy with his jewels; It's quite the opposite! The prospects for development are endless ... New collections, new products ... Projects involving Artisans are regularly offered to us. It goes fast and it's very exciting.

A first name, a word, a story ... Anecdotes?

B. I like the name "gabin". It's an old french name that comes back to fashion ... The result of the bracelet was very beautiful

One day a customer asked me "habiba" which means "little soap" in Arabic. There is a meaning behind this word and olnly the person who offers it and the one who receives it know ... It is very poetic!

I was also asked « jemaime » (« i love me » in french) ... People often say "I love you" to others but to love others is to start by loving yourself, right? The symbolism is very strong!

You often meet with the customers; What do you like?

B: To make a jewelry in front of the customer it feels like Geppetto in Pinocchio ... The jewelry takes shape and is born with my hands just under their eyes ... It is a very strong feeling and see a happy face, it has no price !

Atelier Paulin in one word?

B: Paris! Atelier Paulin is the image of Paris! It is a city that is always exiciting, fast moving and fashionable!

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