Our New Collection NUMERO

I believe a lot in destiny, and the significance of numbers in life. A path of life that accompanies and guides us like a talisman that can be worn”- Anne Sophie Baillet


After exploring and bringing to life your emotions and feelings through intricate and precious jewelry, Atelier Paulin turns its interest to astrology and the symbolism of numbers

The latest collection fuses Atelier Paulin codes and aesthetics with the universal language of numbers.  The ancestral science behind Numerology studies astrology and the symbolism of numbers and life, presenting one’s path and providing a new insight on the world and ourselves as individuals. 

The path, the story… Finding your life’s path is essential. 

Pure 18K gold carved into numbers 1 to 9, they describe the potential and opportunities that life has to offer. Envisioned and designed to guide you, either a ring or a pendant, this jewel is created to never leave you…

With this collection you get to calculate your life path number and have a precious jewel that encompasses the two worlds of, beautiful handmade jewelry and the science of numbers. These jewels are created to be more than just a beautiful pendant or ring: a Talisman, a lucky charm, we present to you a physical representation of your path in 18K Gold..

Calculate your life path number on our site, by simply sharing your date of birth, and receive your number with a description on our website or at our boutiques and physical stalls. 


The collection also incorporates personalized Time jewelry, giving you the opportunity to freeze a moment in time into jewel form. A birthday, an anniversary, a year that has stuck with you always, reinvisioned in exquisite 18K gold rings, bracelets and  pendant necklaces.  

Atelier Paulin using ancestral techniques brings you a new take on our customization, freeze a particular moment in time with jewelry.

The Numerology Collection reveals Anne Sophie’s passion for not just the scientific and astrological analysis of one’s life but the essence of how these calculations describe human emotions. “I believe in the influence of stars on nature and I love working around human emotions. To learn and understand is important to me.” 

On our website, calculate your life path number. Every jewel is accompanied with a card description from astrologer : Julie Patriat.

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