Your Valentine's day story.

Each of our jewellery tells a story ; yours! 

Surprises, declarations, emotions ; magic moments, strong moments which affect you... 

Today Atelier Paulin wants to know a bit more about you. Valentine's Day is the perfect occasion to tell us about your memorable declaration of love... 
We will publish the most attractive one in our blog and will offer to the author a "Love", "Amour" or "Jetaime" bracelet. 

So easy to participate: 

- Publish on your Instagram profile the screenshot of our bracelet which makes you dream + the hashtag #AtelierPaulinvousaime
- Tag us (@atelierpaulin) on your comment, so that we can keep you in our community forever! 
- Tell us your story in this form.

Result announced on February 19th!

Good luck !

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