Our story

A 15-year long friendship and a partnership which seemed like a natural step, with a common desire to express feelings through message jewelry and to develop a unique know-how.
Two worlds, two friends merging their skills to become one : Atelier Paulin
Anne-Sophie Baillet
A fashion design school, several couture houses, a career in event planning, a passion for fashion and jewelry, an eye for beauty and an idea.
Matthias Lavaux
After several years working as an entrepreneur in fashion and cinema, Matthias Lavaux quickly joined the adventure, bringing along his sensibility for design and a love for craftsmanship and rarities.
Colette, Paulin, names for life.
Right after the birth of Anne-Sophie’s daughter – Colette – the first bracelet was created with the help of a craftsman. The famous Parisian store Colette came across the jewelry on social media, marking the beginning of a beautiful collaboration and a wonderful adventure.
The brand naturally came to life under the name Atelier Paulin
  • Atelier to highlight French craftsmanship, the quintessence of our brand.
  • Paulin to pay tribute to Anne-Sophie’s dad, also an entrepreneur.
Atelier Paulin is the bond that unites 3 generations. It is also the curiosity and the passion for entrepreneurship shared by two friends. Finally, it is the desire to pass on a know-how and to create unique pieces of jewelry to tell a story: yours.


Atelier Paulin jewelry is created using a disappearing ancestral technique: the art of hand shaping a precious metal wire into beautiful creations. We reinterpreted this technique, and put into it all our expertise, experiences, wishes and emotions… This unique skill is now ours and our trained artisans’, who aim to carry on this wonderful art and share it with our clients in Paris, in France and all over the world.
Transmission is the essence of our brand.
In the heart of New-York, a team of artisans put all their love and passion into shaping each precious metal wire.
Each creation is handcrafted and made to order in our atelier, making it completely unique.
Mirroring our emotions, we write what we want, what we love, our passions and our drive. A declaration, a desire, a birth, a celebration…A word, a name, a child, a spouse, a lover… Timeless, delicate and refined, our creations are made from a single precious metal wire: argentium, 9K and 14K gold-filled wire. Our range of 18K gold wire jewelry in yellow, rose or white gold will be the answer to all your desires! Hand shaped and made to order, each creation is the representation of your personal poetry.
The bracelet is the signature creation of Atelier Paulin. We develop in addition our own jewelry collections: earcuff, ring, fibula, hoop, cufflinks, torc; as well as our own innovations such as the twisted thread and the hammered thread.

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