How is my jewel created ?

Each jewel is made of a single precious metal wire entirely handcrafted and on demand. 

Since its creation, Atelier Paulin has developed a unique know-how, transmitted to its craftsmen in the respect of an abecedary and a precise technique.

We have selected noble materials for their high quality and resistance over time.

The jewels are hand-crafted by skilled craftsmen-jewelers, in our Parisian workshop.

A quality control is ensured for each of our creations, guaranteeing the Atelier Paulin excellence.

Come meet your craftsmen and discover our know-how !


What are the different materials ?

Can my jewel go in the water ?

How to tighten the cord ?

How to take care of my jewel ?

Is my jewelry oxidizable ?

My gold-plated jewelry looks tarnished, what should I do ?