Gift card

Angèle Dias

How to offer an Atelier Paulin gift card?

Not sure of the size or preferences of the person you want to surprise? Looking for a gift idea? Need a last minute gift? Opt for our Gift Card!

It is a gift code composed of numbers and letters that the lucky beneficiary can use at any time on our eShop. The gift code can be used at checkout and the amount of the cart will be deducted from the coupon's value.

To offer a gift card:

Select the amount of your choice and add a personalized message.

You have two options:

  • Print at home: allows you to print the dematerialized coupon with Atelier Paulin's colors and offer it in person.
  • Send by email: you decide to send the gift card by email to the lucky person.

Click here to get your e-gift card.